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Global Food Crisis

Thousands of children may not survive without your help!

Sponsor a child in a country with severe food shortages and save a life

Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower can be a challenging but fun task. Here are some great baby shower ideas for your special party.

Party Food

Firstly, you must decide on what types of baby shower food you will have for your guests. Food is an excellent idea for a centerpiece as well. One great idea for party food is baby shower cakes. These cakes can include a variety of flavors, including ice cream cakes and cheesecakes.

There are so many other baby shower recipes that you can use. Mostly people will always appreciate good food, but you can also use blue and pink themes to create the mood. Shaping your food into rubber duck or teddy bear shapes is another great idea.

Candy and snacks are also nice to have on the table. One favorite idea is to get regular chocolate bars and decorate them with baby shower candy wrappers. These will make a tasty treat for all of your guests.

Party Themes

Try to think of some possible baby shower themes if you like. Any baby related items like bottles, diapers, and pacifiers are good ideas. Also storks and angels are great symbolic themes.


Baby shower crafts can be made if you are an artistic person. Perhaps the most popular craft idea is a baby shower diaper cake. These "cakes" are made of diapers, towels, and other useful baby items. They are not really cakes, but look like them and make a great centerpiece.

Homemade baby shower favors are another nice touch if you are a crafty person. Candles, soaps, and ceramic figurines are just a few ideas for favors for your guests. Some more nice baby shower favors to make are cookies and bath salts.

If you are a good writer, then you can create your own baby shower poems. These poems can be used for many purposes including decorations and favors. These poems are also great ideas for baby shower invitation wording. If you are not much of a writer, you can still create shorter baby shower verses that can be used.

Games and Entertainment

Finally, you will want some good baby shower game ideas. Games can include something simple like guessing the number or mini pacifiers in the bottle or variations of other games, like baby bingo. To make it even more fun, include some baby shower prizes for the winner.
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What Are Your Adoption Options?

If you are planning on adopting a child, it is probably the
most important decision you will ever have to make. People
adopt for a variety of reasons. The most common scenario
is when a couple is unable to have a child of their own.
People can have problems conceiving for a variety of
reasons. Another reason people adopt is to give a home to
children that have lost (or been taken from) their family
members or are orphans from another country.

These are all commendable reasons to proceed with the
adoption, but you still need to be aware of some of the
decisions and the alternatives you will be required to make
throughout the application process.

If you are planning on adopting a child in the United
States, the first thing you need to consider is if you
would like to adopt a child within the US or from an
international country. Different laws apply to each
situation so it is especially important to determine what
is involved, especially if you are adopting a child from
another state or from another country. If you are planning
an international adoption, US Immigration laws need to be

You also need to decide if you are going to use an adoption
agency or try for a private adoption. As far as agencies,
there are both private and public. If you want to adopt a
child from another country, you would be best served by
contacting an aid organization. Private adoptions are
possible but you need to be aware of any governing laws to
avoid heartbreak for you and the child.

In addition to the alternatives already mentioned, you need
to think about whether you would prefer to adopt an infant
or an older child. Most families are hoping to adopt an
infant, so they have the opportunity to watch the child grow
and develop from his or her earliest days, watch all the
developmental milestones, and make sure they've had an
opportunity to teach their values to the child. There is, of
course, a huge demand for infant adoptions and the wait list
can be lengthy, sometimes lasting for years. Adoption of an
older child can be just as rewarding as an infant adoption.
The important consideration is how this child will fit into
your family, not his or her age. Many parents of older
adopted children feel like the child blends into their
families perfectly, as if they were always a part of the
family. Of course, older children have their own distinct
personalities and learned behaviors, sometimes good,
sometimes bad. If the adoption doesn't work for your family,
removing the child from the family situation could have
devastating consequences to the child.

Adoption is such a wonderful option for those who can't
produce children or want to give someone a place in their
family. Get familiar with the adoption laws where you live,
and you will soon be on your way to a most fulfilling

Keeping Your New Baby Safe

After all the baby furniture is purchased, you'll have to start thinking of baby safety supplies. Once your baby becomes mobile (and that's in a few short months), battening down the hatches is extremely important.

If you have stairs or open doorways leading to areas that you don't want your baby to wander into, you'll need to purchase some baby gates. Most are adjustable to fit a variety of openings and come in a variety of styles such as wooden, plastic and mesh.

Don't forget those electrical outlets! For some bizarre reason children love to stick metal objects in those little slits so get your outlets covered, including any powerbars you may be using. Another favorite "play toy" with toddlers is the toilet. A good toilet lid latch should help keep the plumbing working.

Electrical appliances, TV's, VCR's and household items will also need to be secured. It's amazing what children can find to pull down or get into. Plus, don't forget to pick up safety supplies for when you're traveling, even if it's just a short distance. Baby harnesses are a good thing to use once your toddler is walking. And don't forget to protect them from harmful UV rays with some sort of car window shade.

Keeping your precious child safe is very important. There are so many little things in the household that, as adults, we take for granted. But to a child, they're new and exciting areas to explore... which can be very dangerous to them. As a new parent or even grandparent, get down on your knees and crawl around your house looking for all the temptations found at your baby's level. You'll be amazed at what potential hazards you will find. Secure your new baby's safety before it's too late.

8 Simple Tips for Taking Great Baby Photos

Taking pictures of your new baby is a great way to preserve life long memories. Baby pictures can also make great postcards, keepsakes, or baby shower gifts. Here are some simple tips to get great baby pictures:

1) Avoid bright light - Babies are especially sensitive to bright light including harsh sunlight and flash photography. If possible, try to take photos during the day when flash photography is not necessary. You can also use lamps to create lighting.

2) Take pictures from different distances - Try to take pictures from different distances. Most people like to take close-up pictures, but pictures that are too close can be blurry and out of focus. By taking several pictures from different distances, you can keep the ones that are the best.

3) Be aware of your baby's mood - Try not to start a photo session when your baby is cranky or crying. If your baby is in a bad mood, then wait awhile until he or she is better rested or calmed. You will get better pictures when your baby is in good spirits.

4) Use a high quality camera and film - This tip may seem simple, but is worth saying. Using high quality cameras and film can make a big difference in the quality of the photo, especially if you are creating photo gifts or favors.

5) Get rid of any distractions - Make sure there are not too many distractions when taking pictures. Anything that moves or makes noise, like the TV, should be turned off is possible. Having too many people around can also be distracting for the baby.

6) Take multiple shots - Taking different shots is a good idea for any type of photography, particularly if you are making photo gifts. Sometimes it is hard to tell if a shot will turn out good until it is actually produced, so get those extra shots just in case.

7) Background - Make sure that there is not too much distracting stuff in the background. The focus should be on the baby, so plain backgrounds usually work best.

8) Other people - Try taking pictures of the baby with other people as well, including you. A baby will interact with other people and these interactions captured on film can make great keepsakes.

Baby shower favors, supplies, and decorations

A great way to say thank you to your guests is with homemade baby shower favors. There are various types of favors that you can give to your guests including candle baby shower favors, chocolate baby shower favors, personalized baby shower favors, and unique baby shower favors. You can even make your own baby shower favors. Giving favors to your guests is great etiquette and they will be thankful for these inexpensive tokens of appreciation. Finally, make sure you have all the necessary baby shower supplies and baby shower decorations. The excerpts below give more information about the advantages of each.

Candle baby shower favors are wonderful gifts for anyone who likes candles. Many decorative candles are available with a baby shower theme. Candles shaped like ducks, carriages, booties, and other baby related items. Even for those who don't use candles, these items make great decorations that you can place in almost any room of the house.
Edible Surprises for your guests

Chocolate baby shower favors are another favorite. Also, candy baby shower favors and cookie baby shower favors can be enjoyed by all. These favors are appropriate for any type of party because they can be eaten. Candies and chocolates are often shaped like rubber ducks, baby blocks, pacifiers, and other baby related items. These delicious treats will be a sure hit with your guests.
Useful Favors and treats

Soap baby shower favors are another useful favor for your guests. Everyone uses soap and these delightful items are shaped like ducks, baby blocks, and other popular items. Many of these soaps are handcrafted by work at home moms and other small businesses. Oftentimes, they are also scented in baby powder or a variety of other popular scents. Other baby and body favorites include bath salts, lotions, massage oils, and more.

Personalized baby shower favors add a special touch to any baby shower. Items range from normal items placed in personalized bags to items that are engraved with name and date of the shower. Many places also offer personalized tags and ribbons. These items can be easily attached to any item that you want to give to your guests. These items make your party unique.
Getting Creative

If you are crafty and artistic, then you can make your own baby shower favors. You can get many supplies you need from an arts and craft store. People who make their own candles and soaps often make their own gifts. Add a personalized tag and ribbons for a special touch. There are plenty of places that sell miniature decorations that would be appropriate like mini pacifier charms or mini baby bottles and other decorations.

One of the easiest things to do is to buy a favor container, like a mini baby bottle, organza bag, or cellophane bag. Then fill the container with candy and apply a personalized tag if desired for a nice personal touch. Another idea is to go to a bath and body or candle store. Buy something blue or pink and then print out your own baby shower label. There are tons of great ideas for making your own favors, particularly if you are skilled in crafts.

Unique baby shower favors include magnets, picture frames, and anything else. Picture frame baby shower favors are a great present for your guests if the baby is already born. Many creative family businesses and work at home moms have created their own line of products. If you are creative, you can even create your own ideas.
Favors for the cost conscious

Sometimes, cost is an important factor. Many cheap baby shower favors can be found by shopping online. Other inexpensive baby shower favors can be found at specialty stores and flea markets. Favors can be less than a dollar each if you look around enough. Items under $3 are also easily found and are considered inexpensive.
Keepsakes for your guests

Baby picture frames favors are a great way for your guests to remember your occasion and new baby. A picture of the newborn infant makes a great keepsake. The frame can also be used as a nice gift, even if the baby is not yet born.

Christening baptism favors make great gifts for your guests at baptism events. These items have relevant religious themes, like the holy cross or angels. Christening gifts can be displayed beautifully in any home.

Baby shower magnets favors are another great keepsake that will remind your guests of your event for years to come. Magnets can have many themes, including teddy bears, rattles, baby bottles, pacifiers, rubber ducks, and much more. Personalized save the date baby shower magnets can be sent before the event to remind your guests of you special party.
Party Decor

Finally, a shower would not be complete without baby shower decorations and baby shower supplies. Some common decorations include streamers, which can be purchased cheaply. Usually a streamer of 50 ft can be found for just a few dollars. The amount of decorations depends on how big the place is.

Also, note that your party can be specifically themed to anything that is appropriate. Winnie the pooh baby shower favors are one of my favorites. Other popular themes include duck baby shower favors and noahs ark baby shower favors. There are so many themes that you can chose from. The most common and simplest theme is blue for boy or pink for girl. Others include pacifier, blocks, and anything else that contains a similar themed infant item. Twin and triplet themes are often implemented by having multiples of everything, like two soaps in one bag for each guest and ideas like that.

In conclusion, there are many baby shower party favors to chose from. Everyone loves receiving presents and it is a fantastic way to say thanks to your guests. Also, to another good way to get baby shower ideas is to browse through various baby shower sites

Using Music To Calm Your Baby

Music is a wonderful way for you to calm and soothe your baby, especially during the first year. How many times have your heard parents say that there was nothing that they could do with their crying, fussing baby until they tried music. This is because music does indeed soothe the savage beast, or in this case, the baby.

There are certain distinct sounds that have been proven to calm even fussy babies: the sounds of nature, white noise, and music. Even if your baby isn’t fussing or crying you may want to use music as often as you can to encourage that feeling of calm and peacefulness. All it takes is a few minutes every day and before you know it your baby will be looking forward to hearing that certain song emanating from the CD player.

There is nothing complicated or mysterious about introducing your baby to music from day one. You don’t need to search for the perfect song or a certain type of music. All you have to do is start by having your baby listen to your favorite songs and music. If jazz is on the top of your list, let your baby listen to the sounds of John Coltrane as he sits in his baby seat watching you in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you play the schmaltzy songs of the eighties or some wicked African beat, your baby is going to listen and his mood is going to be altered by any musical sound that he hears.

Besides the music that you yourself can introduce your baby to, there are hundreds of CDs on the market today that are filled with baby songs and lullabies. At the end of the day you may want to play a CD of quiet baby songs that have a slower beat. There are so many CDs for you to choose from that you will have a hard time making up your mind. Choose something that interests you. Many baby CDs will have lullabies and faster beat songs on the same CD.

Playing music has other benefits besides soothing your fussy, crying baby. These benefits include:

Babies are introduced to musical sounds.
Music enhances your baby’s behavior and cognitive skills.
Relieves stress for the entire family.
Will stimulate curiosity and an interest in music.
Take time to find a variety of music CDs for your baby to listen to. You’ll soon notice which music your baby is most drawn to and can use that music when he is particularly fussy or is crying.